Aerial Artist


Noémie is an aerial artist based in Montreal. Impassioned, driven, and determined, she's a true believer in hard work and openness.

Cirque du Soleil allowed her to make her stage debut in 2009 on “Les Chemins invisibles”. Following this acrobatic character experience, she specialized in aerial disciplines and performed various acts for numerous companies.

Looking to broaden her skills and a less conventional apparatus, Noémie first climbed on her chains in 2012. The latter quickly became her discipline of choice and where she wanted to invest the most. The apparatus' robust nature both contrasts and blends with the artist's sensitivity and sensuality.

Years of touring and perfecting her craft eventually brought her back to Cirque du Soleil. She joined Axel's creative team in 2019 and toured North America as a chain and bungee specialist.

Her performing career remains one of Noémie's deepest passions. Stage experiences, creations, and encounters with new people and different cultures are priceless in her book !


chaines loop split on chains spinning on chains side split on chains Axel, Cirque du Soleil, bungee Axel, Cirque du Soleil, chains Jeux Olympiques spéciaux du Québec, silk, red flame flame, Jeux Olympiques spéciaux du Québec, aerial silk, silk drops CNE, Mirage, chandelier trio


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You have an idea for a new creation and are looking for artists to collaborate with: contact me!
Every artistic project is an opportunity for growth and fulfillment. Let me in on yours !

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Silk video coming soon

I can adapt my acts (music, costume, energy) upon request. Share your show's concept
and event's theme with me, and we'll make it work!


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